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Hindsight 2020: The year everything changed

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Raise your hand if you feel you have been personally victimized by the global pandemic. ***raises hand*** YUP. Sounds about right.

Life is absolutely wild right now. I think it's fair to say none of us saw the year 2020 going down like this. This year has brought on a million different emotions. l'm mad....then sad....grateful... scared....and honestly just over it. It's like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions that's been running nonstop for the past four months.

So here's where I'm at right now in life, and I think some of you may be in the same place.

I graduated college in May with my Bachelor's degree in Communication/Marketing. If you're a 2020 grad, I'm sure you can relate to the fact that post grad life hits DIFFERENT. Every reason we have gone to college, whether that be for stability, our dream job, to pay the bills (the list can go on forever) has now been put on hold. Whether you're a recent grad or not, you have probably grieved something from the current events of our world. We have experienced a tremendous amount of loss, sadness, and uncertainty in our lives. It's important to acknowledge these emotions. Feel them. Accept them. Learn from them. I neglected acknowledging these feelings for a long time. I pushed my emotions to the back burner, because there seemed to be way more important things going on in the world- and there still are. The point I am trying to make is that we are ALL grieving the losses the world has brought upon us, and THAT'S OKAY.

So where am I going with all of this?

Well, I am here to tell you there is a silver lining in the messiness of life right now. In the midst of an unclear future, I'm beginning to see things more clearly. It's as if I needed glasses the past 23 years of my life, and am putting a pair on for the first time. Details of my life are crisp, defined, known- it only took a global pandemic to figure it out.

So what's changed?

I had a picture painted in my head of what my life was going to look like. Graduate, get a solid 9-5 job, LOL. I feel like my whole life I've been going through the motions of a system that has been set up for me. Am I the only one who finds this system completely exhausting? If you're like me girlfriend, and you're feeling the weight of the world right now, take a deep breath, pour a nice big glass of wine, and think about what makes you passionate about life. Close your eyes. Find that place. What does it look like? Describe it to yourself out loud, speak it into the universe, and make it your reality.

This weird, crazy, confusing world we're living in hasn't been easy. But, it has given me something I wouldn't of had had it not happened. Time. Time to think. Time to feel. Time to manifest. If one good thing is to come out of this global pandemic, let it be the realization of what exactly sets your soul on fire.

I have found what I want in life- my vocation if you will. I want freedom. The ability to be present, living my best life with my fave people. I've found where my passion lives. I've found what it looks like. I've spoken it into the universe, and I'm making it my reality.

Now go make your dreams reality.


Samantha & Rhode

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